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Initial UX Testing


The problem you are solving, how you are solving, what does your product do, the persona(s), use cases, technical KPIs.

User Acquisition

Testers who are already in our database, the new comers as the potential testers who have characteristics fitting with the persona we receive from our client.


Once reaching the optimum number of testers, we initiate the test period. We use screen recording, face recording, heatmaps, database analytics for monitoring the UX funnel.
Reporting results: We prepare a detailed report after completing the necessary steps based on the use case scenarios we developed and ran.


Our services include

  • Persona and Use Case Definition

  • Funnel Set-Up

  • Test User Recruitment

  • UX Analytics

  • Funnel / Journey Analytics

  • User Retention Cycle Set-up

  • Growth Management Set-up

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