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Piloting before

large scale launch

Identification of Lead users enable us to roll out a small-scale marketing campaign and pilot your concept with real users.


The interaction between new users and the former Lead users creates real-time and genuine interaction / engagement which provides data for running market analyses for the product / user(market) fit.


ScaleUpLab deploys real market test with a very small marketing budget and yet building a real potential market for the MVP. A market as large as you want!


Our services include

  • Start and scale up

  • Influencer marketing

  • Audience growth

  • Traction gain and business growth

  • Growth hacking with low marketing budget

  • User acquisition (hundreds to millions)

  • UI/UX, Website Design for localization

  • Audio, video and digital media content

  • Blogs and articles for SEO

  • Market feedback

  • PR hacking for massive growth

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