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Fit Test

Most of the testing companies only provide UX testing. ScaleUpLab makes a difference by proceeding to Product-User-Market fit testing.


Our selected testers are not only testing the product in terms of technical and experience KPIs, but they also have the fitting profile for becoming a real user. They are not just testing buttons, pages, screens, they are evaluating whether they would become a paying user of the app/site. And if they would be so; how would they use it and for what, what would they change.


Our analyses converts your test users into organic lead users for quick market uptake. If the analyses don’t provide enough results, there are modifications needed either on product side or the market specifications.


Our services include

  • Persona and Use Case Definition

  • Funnel Set-Up

  • Real User Acquisition

  • UX Analytics

  • Funnel / Journey Analytics

  • User Retention Cycle Management

  • Growth Management

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