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Still a startup? How about you scaleup soon?

Having a great product that fits with the target market needs is not enough for growth and VC funding.

Investors look for a talented team that is delivering in a growing market. You think global, however your home is not really providing you a large scale addressable market?

Then you need to scale up abroad. Powered by experts in scaling business from a range of industries, our aim is empowering ambitious Nordic companies to test their products and services for traction generation and pilot in new markets.

  • Acquire your REAL users, not tester users and keep as engaged users.

  • Retain the first users and convert them to lead users.

  • Score high retention rate from day 1.

  • Analyse the user experience of your app and modify the UI and UX for desired user journey.

  • Generate meaningful traction at a fraction of your marketing budget at home.

How To Scaleup?
Grow Your Business

Grow your business

ScaleUpLab is a go-to-market center for mobile applications.

Whether they be a two-sided peer-to-peer exchange platform for goods/services or whether a site or an app where one side is a professional service provider, the experts in our team provides insight for user journey optimisation through crowd monitoring.

Real Estate


P2P Marketplaces for

Sharing & Selling



Health Wellness




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